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I'm Rita and I'd love to get to know you. I'm originally from New York, but now call San Francisco my home. I occasionally miss the snowy winters and beautiful autumns of the East Coast, but really can't complain about the California weather. The pizza on the other hand...

My Background...

I've spent the last decade in product management and product leadership roles. I started my career at Google working on products like Google Maps and Google Glass. More recently I was Director of Product at Grand Rounds, a San Francisco based healthcare startup. During my product career I've interviewed hundreds of candidates and hired and grew a product team. I've had the privilege of managing an amazing group of individuals that ranged in experience from new PMs to senior PMs. It is through my people management and mentorship experiences that I discovered a passion for coaching and am now excited to coach full time. I have coached individuals in product and related roles at companies like Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and smaller startups. 


From an academic perspective, I hold a BS and MEng in Computer Science from MIT, as well as a BS in Management Science from MIT. 

My Coaching Philosophy... 

I'm passionate about helping individuals grow professionally and personally. Specifically, I'd like to help you maximize your impact by working together to cultivate a leadership style that feels authentic to who you are. I'll work with you to identify areas where you may be getting in your own way and to help you develop the skills you need to excel in your role. I am an action-oriented coach, which means I may give you homework and I will hold you accountable. I'm excited to help you successfully make the next leap in your career and to achieve fulfillment in your work. When you're ready, I'm here for you.

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